wishlist: store.steampowered.com/wishlis

Kicking up the style for this one. I can do this style pretty quickly now, and demand has been low last few times anyway.

As usual, DM if interested, boosts appreciated!

While I'm at it, here's Rhonda. The kind of catgirl you'd find in the front row at the rock show.

My two ninja OC's.

Feels good to post them together. Don't know if I've drawn either one in...literally years?

Have to revise some card art, so here's a bunch of sketches I did today.

Collabed with @JoTyler (her lines, my colors) on an 80's workout Peach!

Ask her about Princess Fight Club sometime

Here's a Steam Sale commission I finished last night of @Great_poision@twitter 's OC Noir

They got me Team Sonic Racing, and I put 4 hours into it as soon as I finished this.

I dont stream that much but today i dug out my Belkin Speedpad Nostromo N52 and set it up as my OBS switchboard because fuck a $150 button box

Got some new markers over the holiday, quick doodle to give them a quick test

Not to put on blast, but this is working as intended, so can we maybe consider revising intentions slightly?

Oh, I can post this here for all the Person who follow me!

❄ Winter Steam Sale Time! Get me a game from my wishlist and I'll draw you a request as a reward

✨ DM for details and to confirm before buying anything. Examples from previous years in following toot

Wishlist: store.steampowered.com/wishlis

🎄 RT's appreciated!

My lap is not great fit for this cat, but today we have a burrito hammock situation going on and were both pretty happy with it

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