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oh I should put this here too.
I'm open for commissions! I like drawing beefy ladies, magical girls, and d&d characters.

we saw birds of prey and i really liked it and i kinda wanna go see it again

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I barely haven't posted anything here yet, so here is something I've been doing lately.

I recently started to bought cameras on flea market.

Recently I bought my first digital one, a Mavica MVC-FD7; a late 90' camera using floppies as a storage medium.
And with the charm of this low resolution, I made a photoshop template file to transform them with my usual aesthetic.
I'm still experimenting with it, but I love it so much.

one perk of venturing out into public is getting compliments on how long my hair is

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@Kels_316 I had forgotten one of the most important controls for hazards: clear, concise signage

i'm trying not to turn this into my 'complain about stuff' account, but it's easy to slip into that because almost nobody sees it haha

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has anyone made a "hell's bells" joke w/r/t doom and animal crossing yet

it's so obvious and stupid that i actually hope i'm not the first

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if I could post adt one place and have it also post on all the other platforms thatd make it way easier to remember to upload on places like pillowfort and waterfall

using new social media platforms is annoying cuz I mostly just boost what other ppl make and say, I rarely have anything I want to say myself. but on new platforms I'm not following anyone really so I dont post much! cyclical issues

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I'm not sure why, but "The Fifth Mambo" is about 200x more ominous than "Mambo Number 5".

oh man my brain gave me the coolest movie dream last night, a con/heist + psych thriller starring sandra Bullock and Jodie comer with mads mikkelsen

my humbug extends through all holidays. vday is just another candy holiday and I dont have much of a sweet tooth.

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I THINK I'm aro, but like what even is romance anyway? or can I not articulate it because I'm aro and dont notice/register it?? or because I'm autistic and have weird levels of social relationships??? we just dont know

my nails are long again and it makes me feel so much better

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i hate to be a grammar snob, but it should actually be "Fewer Miserables"

I'm gonna call it the Waking Window, that period of time between when you wake up, and when you fall back asleep if you stay in bed too long after that, when you SHOULD get up.

I'm back to not having caffeine for a while, and it's def a net positive, but I am not a morning person and waking up is hard to do

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